Medical Marijuana 101 Is What The Doctor Ordered



If you want to learn the basics about the medical marijuana — as a medicine and as an industry —  Medical Marijuana 101 is a great place to do it.
If, in fact, one were to pick just one book to learn about medicinal cannabis, this would be a great selection. Especially for the new patient or caregiver, it can provide a very useful introduction to the subject and point the reader towards where to learn more.
Author Mickey Martin of Oakland is a fixture on the California medical marijuana scene, and has been an outspoken and stalwart defender of both the rights of medicinal cannabis patients and providers, and of the need for full legalization.
Martin is known for his no-prisoners, no-b.s. style of blogging, and while the tone of this book is a tad calmer than that of his Cannabis Warrior blog, it manages to be a great read while still filling the reader in on the basics of medicinal cannabis.

The book addresses most questions new users have:
• What conditions can be treated with medical marijuana?
• What is the science behind medical marijuana?
• How do I talk to my doctor about getting authorized for medical marijuana?
• What are the different ways to take medical marijuana?
• Where can I obtain medical marijuana?

Mickey Martin
Mickey Martin, “Medical Marijuana 101”: “It is one of my greatest achievements, and I have been humbled by the feedback the book has received”

Medical Marijuana 101 is a simple and easy to read guide for the person who has little, or no, experience with marijuana as a medicine,” Martin told Toke of the Town Friday afternoon. “It is a book that briefly touches on a variety of topic matters related to cannabis medicines, including science, conditions, using cannabis, growing cannabis, legal and civic matters, and the industry at large.”
“It is meant to inform the new or curious patient about the basics of marijuana and steer them in the right direction in what can often be a confusing landscape,” Mickey told us. “I am proud to be able to have taken my many years of experience in this movement, and put it into pages that help people make better decisions about cannabis and their health. It is one of my greatest achievements, and I have been humbled by the feedback the book has received.”
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It’s also available at Amazon and other major online retailers.