Video of the Day Features World’s Largest Weed Grinder


Hip hop artists Bags and Treez, already friends of Toke of the Town, feature what they are calling “one of the world’s biggest weed grinders” in their newest music video.

The video is for the song “High Life” from the mixtape Hydroponix.

This is Bagz and Treez’ second Toke of the Town Video of the Day. Back in February, their video for the 2010 song “Sunshine” was also featured.

“This video is in dedication to all the stoners who live that High Life every day and never let anything in this world bring them down,” Treez of Bagz and Treez told Toke of the Town Monday morning. “Enjoy!”

Editor’s note: If you have or know of a bigger grinder? Don’t whine, bro. Just send photos and details to