WA: Here’s A Way to Collect Legalization Signatures & Get Paid


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Wanna get paid $3 per signature while gathering for Washington state’s Cannabis Child Protection Act, I-514?
Seriously? Yes, but the details will surprise you.
It’s a bit of a twist not seen in volunteer-supported campaigns, but Toke of the Town is about to pass along to Washington State cannabis reform activists something they’ve been lacking the past few years: the opportunity to collect signatures to legalize (remove penalties for adults, felonies for minors, allow home growing) for cannabis AND adjust I-502’s bad effects (if it passes) by requiring video evidence of impairment before anyone’s blood can be used in a DUI case, all while making cash money.
Curious? Here is the full story.

 You may have heard since Friday that I-1240, the Charter Schools initiative supported by Bill Gates Sr, has been cleared by the court to begin gathering the 251,153 minimum valid signatures to be turned in by July 6 to qualify to this Novembers ballot.
“But Steve, that’s only 17 days away!”


Those interested would be paid $3 per valid signature to get I-1240 on the ballot. Professional gatherers from around the nation have already arrived and more are arriving as you read this. The I-514 campaign has already been assisted by many of these professionals who have used the popular draw of cannabis reform to entice voters to also sign the paying petitions. The I-514 campaign has already received thousands of signatures from them in addition to the thousands turned in so far by volunteers around the state, according to the Cannabis Child Protection Act campaign.
What’s the catch? While these jobs normally only go to the experienced professionals, I-514 has arranged the opportunity for dedicated cannabis activists to collect signatures on these initiatives to fund their volunteer efforts to qualify I-514.
“We made the case that our people are not untrained like most in the general public,” Don Skakie, I-514 representative, told Toke of the Town. “Many have either gathered signatures for past reform efforts or are collecting signatures now. Professionals working around the state believe in the cause and are willing to work with us to accomplish the aims of the initiative.”
Those paying will accommodate the efforts of activists to work as they wish. “You can work independently on your own as many already do, or work alongside others,” Skakie told me. “Pairing up with the professionals can give quick confidence and experience to those that want to be part of a team.

Yes End Penalties Washington
Don Skakie, I-514: “We have a fantastic opportunity to help each other, and believe me, these folks want to help us and need our help”

“Show up at the rally point and they will drive you to good locations, then bring you back later,” Skakie said. “Those that prefer to work independently are free to do so.”
That sounds good for folks who want to do what they can, but may have limitations.
So… How does the money work?
“People will be working for and paid by the professional company,” Skakie said. “Given the short time window, it’s best to turn in everyday.
“Fifty percent will be paid in cash on the spot with the balance paid in cash within two weeks after the signatures are verified,” Skakie told me. “That’s $30 cash for each full 20-signature sheet on the spot, with another $30 coming if you do dilligent work. I know people can average about 10-15 signatures an hour, or many more, by working multiple petitions and large public events like concerts, sporting and other events.”
And there’s more money to be had.
“The pro’s are also gathering on I-1183, the ‘two thirds needed to increase taxes initiative’, as well as I-517, the ‘initiative initiative’ that would affect how and where petition signatures are gathered,” Skakie said. “The I-1183 pays $0.75 each and I-517 pays $0.25 each until you get 400 of both for a $0.25 bonus kicking in for each signature.
“That’s a buck to a buck and a half per plus $3.00 for I-1240 for potentially $4.00 to $4.50 for each person that signs,” Skakie said. “At 10-15 per hour that’s $40 to $72 per hour. That’s a good bit of cash to pay some bills and make it possible to get out and collect some signatures for I-514 people might not otherwise have been able to collect.”
OK, what’s the catch?
“You have to actively collect for I-514!” Skakie said. “These opportunities will not go to anyone that does not collect for I-514 along with the money pages. If you are seen to be slacking on 514, they won’t keep you on for the cash.”
He said averages will be watched and those that fall far below the averages will be dropped.
“We have a fantastic opportunity to help each other and believe me, these folks want to help us and need our help,” Skakie said. “But they’re not looking to help us if we’re not helping ourselves. This is how they make their living, and in this case, they’re sharing with us to help legalize.”
So there it is. Cash for signatures so you can collect for I-514.
If you understand the offer, I-514 says to go ahead and contact Seth Wilhelmsen at 415-424-0063 to start working anywhere in Washington state.
If you have any questions about the offer, contact Don Skakie directly at 425-572-0899 first. 
“I’m happy to have Bill Gates Sr. funding my activism — even if it’s only for 17 days — and hope you will have him help fund yours!” Skakie said.
Gatherers will need to provide a black and white copy of their identification and Social Security card as well as complete an IRS W-9 form which will be provided by Wilhelmsen. Form 1099’s will be sent out for tax purposes.