Get The Greed Out Of The Weed Tour Will Be At DNC


Get The Greed Out Of The Weed, a group of what seems to be incurable optimists is still holding out hope that President Obama will do the right thing when it comes to marijuana policy. In their view, that would mean a “baby steps” approach of rescheduling marijuana from its current ultra-restrictive Schedule I status under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act to the least-restrictive Schedule V.
Get The Greed Out Of The Weed leader, AIDS/HIV activist and medical marijuana pioneer Richard Eastman is a busy man these days. Right after he returns to Washington D.C., for the next stop on the Get The Greed Out Of The Weed Tour on July 22 along with thousands of AIDS/HIV activists for the “Keep The Promise March On Washington,” he will begin planning his protest at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

“Join us along with Thousands of AIDS/ HIV activists for the Keep the Promise March On Washington, and World AIDS/HIV Conference on July 22nd as we demand that the federal government reschedule cannabis and recognize that medical marijuana is good medicine for the world AIDS/HIV community,” Eastman said in a Friday press release.

Three Eyed Gymp
Richard Eastman, Get The Greed Out Of The Weed Tour: “This 40-year-old policy is out of date with the current perception of marijuana by the American people”

“A growing number of Americans are not only on waiting list for medical marijuana but also the life-saving drugs they need to stay alive. This is not acceptable,” he said. “As I have said before, I don’t know if I have five more years for Congress to act on this issue.”
On July 2, CNN reported that the, a pro-Obama group that advocates the rescheduling of medical marijuana, was granted a 40-minute slot on the official parade route and speakers platform on Thursday September 6 in Charlotte at the DNC.
The group advocates the immediate rescheduling of weed within the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.
The reason for rescheduling is simple, according to Greed Out Of Weed: Our federal government defines marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it is a drug with no recognized medicinal value and a high potential for abuse.
“This 40-year-old policy is out of date with the current perception of marijuana by the American people, and when the time comes to change that policy, we think that medical marijuana patients should come first,” Eastman said.
In Washington D.C., the city council recently declined a motion to discuss decriminalization of marijuana in the the district following a flurry of other municipalities efforts to pass similar legislation. Their reasoning was that D.C. is just getting it’s medical marijuana program up and running, and they don’t want to get ahead of the situation.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also said recently stated he would veto a marijuana decriminalization bill that passed the state house for similar reasons. And this spring in Maryland, Governor Martin O’Mally approved legislation to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in Baltimore County, but declined to sign a medical marijuana bill into law because of conflicts with federal law.
Damn, These Freakin’ Tours Sure Sound A Lot Alike
The Get The Greed Out Of The Weed Tour is not to be confused with the Weed Not Greed Tour, which, confusingly enough, is also planning a presence at the Democratic National Convention.
The two groups, despite their almost identical names, don’t seem to be working together.