Police Use Excessive Force, Vandalize Marijuana Dispensary


Long Beach Raids
A Long Beach cop smashes the video surveillance camera at the THC Downtown Collective

Long Beach Police Department officers are shown using excessive force and vandalizing a local dispensary in surveillance video footage released by collective management.
The city government of Long Beach, California mounted the raid on June 19, using the police department and various other city employees to storm a medical cannabis access point known as the THC Downtown Collective.
At about 1 p.m., around 14 Long Beach police officers arrived at the location and began the assault. Although no resistance was offered by the collective or its members who intended to open the doors freely, the head detective was noted as haughtily saying “we do not bargain with you people” and proceeded to destroy the security door and security cameras in the establishment with the use of specialized assault equipment and tactics.

The unnecessary amount of damage was out of the norm in comparison to past raids by the same police department, according to witnesses. In prior innumerable actions the same officers had emptied collectives of all medical cannabis, its hard currency and any safes if present, to preserve as evidence, THC management said.

Long Beach Raids
Minutes after one particularly stupid looking cop points out the video equipment, the officers quickly smashed the camera

The same police had not until now used excessive force when securing collective members, according to THC. In the past common practice was to “turn the place over” but now the police have stepped up the amount of vandalism at the raids by random destruction of property on site and heavy destruction of any type of security device as to render it unusable.
The onsite video (DVR) storage device was confiscated, along with computers, currency and medical cannabis.
Additionally there was an offsite (DVR) video that was not confiscated. On this recording there are three officers asking two collective members to get down on their stomachs and place their hands on the floor.
The only collective member that can be seen in the video is a young black male laying face down on the floor. As the three officers approach him from behind, the first officer goes to step over him but instead, steps upon the back of the young man’s neck. The officer then pulls his arm back into a strained position. Afterwards the officer puts his knee onto the young mans back and with the help of the two other officers they proceed to cuff him.
Minutes later, after one cop who appears particularly dimwitted points out the video equipment, the officers notice that they are being videotaped and quickly smash the camera.    
“This is a clear example of excessive use of force and vandalism that reminds me of the 33rd and Dalton Street vandalism by the LAPD years ago,” said Stephen Downing, a former deputy chief with the Los Angeles Police Department. “I thought police departments were beyond this kind of illegal and offensive behavior.
“This video should be provided to theLong Beach Chief of Police,” Downing said. “He will certainly want to investigate this deplorable conduct and hold his officers to account for their brutality and violation of the public trust.”