Signatures For Medical Marijuana Submitted in Solana Beach


Citizens For Patient Rights

Citizens for Patients Rights has announced the successful conclusion of its signature gathering campaign in Solana Beach. On Monday at 11:30 a.m., the group submitted more than 1,600 signatures to the Solana Beach City Clerk’s office for verification, along with a formal request for a special election, if the initiative is not fully qualified in time for the November ballot.
In total, 807 valid signatures are needed to qualify for the initiative for the November ballot, and 1,211 valid signatures are needed to qualify for a special election. The Solana Beach City Clerk must now certify the signatures, with the support of the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, who will be tallying the valid signatures.
The City Council will then vote on whether to enact the initiative proposal directly or put it to a vote of the people. The City Council needs to act by August 10 in order to qualify for the November ballot.

Mother Mary’s Farmacy

The initiative proposal would allow for not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensaries in the municipality of Solana Beach, providing they are in full compliance with the zoning, licensing and operating standards included in the initiative. Dispensaries would be limited to commercial and industrial zones, 600 feet away from schools or playgrounds, and 1,000 feet from any neighboring dispensary.
They would have to comply with safety measures such as lighting, alarm systems, cameras and security guards. Dispensaries would also have to adhere to strict operating standards, including local licensing, proof of full compliance with state law, not-for-profit status, patient verification requirements.
We feel that our successful petition effort shows the support of the Solana Beach Community for our efforts and the desire of the voters to have a say on such an important health issue.  This petition submission is the first step in allowing safe access to medical marijuana for the patients and caregivers of Solana Beach.
Solana Beach has, historically, been very supportive of medical marijuana and marijuana regulation in general.  In 1996, 52 percent of San Diego County residents voted in support of proposition 215. In 2010, 55 percent of Solana Beach residents voted for the full normalization and regulation of marijuana for adult use.
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