Denver Bans Medical Marijuana Advertising Outdoors



The Denver City Council on Monday approved a ban on all outdoor medical marijuana advertising in the Mile High City.

The ban covers billboards, posters, bus benches, windshield leaflets and sign-twirlers, reports John Ingold of The Denver Post.
The unanimous vote took less than a minute. The council then voted — again unanimously — to kill an alternative plan which was more limited, and would have only banned outdoor medical marijuana ads within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare centers and parks.

A public hearing last week showed that medical marijuana advocates were split over the ban, but city council members were strongly in favor. Monday’s vote was no surprise.

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Mike Elliott, Medical Marijuana Industry Group: “We are glad to see the ordinance passed”

Medical marijuana supporters agreed that some forms of advertising — the sign-spinners, for instance — go too far, but they were divided on the ban itself.
The Medical Marijuana Industry Group supported the ban, saying it was a “showing of good faith” by the shops which are trying to fit into their communities.
“We are glad to see the ordinance passed,” said MMIG Executive Director Mike Elliott after the vote. “We believe it finds the right balance between protecting the interests of both the city and the medical marijuana community.”
But other groups, including the Cannabis Business Alliance, worried that the ban would curtail promotions such as branded t-shirts or hats for patients. After city officials said it wouldn’t cover those items, alliance spokesperson Kristen Thomson said the organization “feels better” about it, but she still wishes the city had targeted specific problems rather than enacting a sweeping ban.
“While we’re not pleased with the outcome, we’re confident that the rules have been clearly established,” Thomson said.
The dispensaries will still be able to advertise in newspapers or online. They can also display their logo at charity events which they sponsor.