Moms For Marijuana To Unveil Cannabis Quilt In D.C.


Moms For Marijuana
Beginning in October, the quilt will be sent across the U.S., to be on public display through a series of regional conferences and rallies

Moms For Marijuana, a grassroots network of parents and other citizens across the world who are concerned with the ignorant war being fought against the cannabis plant, is sending a Cannabis Quilt across the United States in a show of solidarity and unity, demanding the legalization of marijuana.

In just a few short years, Moms For Marijuana has grown from a MySpace page (started by founder Serra Frank) to 120 chapters in 14 different countries, with more being added literally every week. The group has had more than 20,000 “Likes” on its Facebook page in the last year alone, according to Candace Junkin, Maryland chapter leader with Moms For Marijuana.

The Cannabis Quilt, originally conceived by Moms For Marijuana member Dana Arvidson of Nashville, Tennessee, is inspired by the tremendous statement and awareness created by the AIDS Memorial Quilt, according to Junkin, who said Moms For Marijuana are working with their members and other marijuana organizations to complete the project.

Candace Junkin
Candace Junkin, Moms For Marijuana Maryland chapter says the group hopes to continue until their voices have been heard and cannabis prohibition is repealed

“Beginning in October 2012, our quilt will be sent across the United States to be on public display through a series of regional conferences and rallies, at which our members will gather to raise awareness and network with others within our communities,” Junkin told Toke of the Town.

“After each conference series, we will create a new design, accept new patches, and add new panels to the quilt, in the hopes to continue these conferences throughout the years, until our voices have been heard and cannabis prohibition is repealed,” Junkin told us.
“Our first Moms For Marijuana Cannabis Quilt Regional Conference — where we will unveil our cannabis quilt — is a joint venture with Overgrow The Government,” Junkin said. “It will be in Washington, D.C., at The Sylvan Theater (an amphitheater at the base of the Washington Monument), on October 15 at noon (the day before Americans for Safe Access testifies at the federal rescheduling hearings).
After the D.C. conference and quilt unveiling — at which a number of speakers from organizations like NORML, LEAP, SSDP, MPP and ASA are scheduled to address the crowd, and local musicians will play — the quilt, and the conference, will move on to New York, according to Junkin.
Anyone wants to get involved with the Cannabis Quilt can contact Moms For Marijuana’s Quilt Liaison, Amber Gingerich at [email protected]. Gingerich created the Quilt’s very first panel – the Washington state patch.

Moms For Marijuana
Moms For Marijuana’s Quilt Liaison, Amber Gingerich, created the Quilt’s very first panel, the Washington state patch