Right Wing Groups Sue To Keep Marijuana Off Arkansas Ballot


Arkansas GOP Wing
Jerry Cox, “Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values,” claims the people have no power: “Marijuana is illegal… only the federal government can change that”

Arkansans For Compassionate Care Will Fight For Arkansans’ Right To Vote And Decide For Themselves
How much more un-American does it get than trying to stop the people from deciding for themselves about medical marijuana and compassion for sick people? Once again, the right-wing “family values” fakes have outed themselves for what they are.
“The Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values,” composed of right-wing groups led by one Jerry Cox, is trying to deny the rights of Arkansas citizens to put the question of medical marijuana to a vote. The Coalition filed a lawsuit with the Arkansas Supreme Court on Friday, asking the court to remove the measure, which has already qualified for the ballot.
“This ballot proposal is one hundred percent illegal under federal law,” Cox, who runs a right-wing hate group called the Family Council Action Committee, claimed. “Marijuana is illegal because of federal statute passed by Congress. Only the federal government can change that.”

“The Arkansas Constitution and the United States Constitution both prevent Arkansas from passing laws that blatantly defy federal law,” Cox claimed, ignoring the fact that 17 other states and the District of Columbia have already legalized medical marijuana.
“Mr. Cox would like to use the court to dictate the outcome, but we think Arkansas voters are capable of making their own decisions,” said Arkansans For Compassionate Care’s media contact, Christopher Kell.
“Arkansans for Compassionate Care gathered more than 100,000 signatures so our people can decide if patients with chronic, debilitating diseases can have access to a natural medication that relieves symptoms of pain, nausea and lack of appetite caused by those diseases,” Kell said. 
“Arkansas voters are savvy and compassionate,” Kell said. “They understand that this bill provides a proven blueprint to state regulation of medical marijuana. They also understand that the federal government has decided not to pursue patients or dispensaries that comply with state law.”
That’s why states like Maine, after whose language the Arkansas act is modeled, have been able to legalize medical marijuana without causing any significant difficulties. Far from being ambiguous, this bill specifically provides that growing, distribution and use of medical marijuana will be regulated by the Arkansas Department of Health.
“Arkansans for Compassionate Care met all of the challenges required by the Attorney General for this initiative to be on the ballot,” Kell said. “Mr. Cox is resorting to legalistic tactics to prevent the vote, just days after saying he had no problem with cancer patients using medical marijuana, on a KARK interview with Jonathan Athens. 
“We will answer his suit in court,” Kell said. “We are confident the voters will have a chance to decide on November 6th.”
About Arkansans for Compassionate Care
Arkansans for Compassionate Care is a coalition of concerned physicians, patients, and allies who agree that sick and dying patients should have access to medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.
For thousands of chronically-ill Arkansans, the pain and nausea relief afforded by marijuana helps them live comfortably without harmful side effects. But marijuana is currently unregulated and not legally available.
Arkansans for Compassionate Care offers a better choice: controlled access to a medicine that is proven to be both safe and effective, especially against the debilitating effects of chronic illness and harsh medical treatments.
For more information, please visit www.arcompassion.org.