Video of the Day: I Love My Bong


Toke of the Town’s Video of the Day, “I Love My Bong,” is from Washington state’s Boris Budd and the Waterboarders.

“It’s a fun look at medical marijuana patients and others passionately executing their activities of daily living while using cannabis,” band leader Boris Budd told Toke of the Town Wednesday afternoon.

“The video also includes a ‘bong cam’ and Mad Scientist scene where a super bong is invented,” Budd told us.

Boris Budd/Facebook
Boris Budd at Seattle Hempfest 2012

Band members are as follows:

Boris Budd: vocals/guitar
Luke Warm: guitar/vocals
Phat Ron: bass/vocals
Phil Carter: drums
Steve Hussein: dialogue

Conn Buckley wrote, directed, and edited the music video; Hendrik Zotski was director of photography for the band scenes.

The video, with a concept conceived in collaboration by Buckley and Budd, was filmed in various locations in Bellingham, Washington.

Conn Buckley/YouTube