GOP Oregon State Senate Candidate Endorses Measure 80


Just days ahead of the Oregon Republican Party’s State Central Committee Meeting in Bend, Republican State Senate candidate Cliff Hutchison has officially endorsed Measure 80. Hutchison, the first Oregon Republican to endorse Measure 80, is also secretary of the new Republican Liberty Caucus of Oregon.
“Alcoholism is a real problem in our society, but prohibition of alcohol didn’t work when it was tried,” Hutchison said. “Seventy-five years is long enough to see that prohibition of marijuana has failed.”

Oregon state Senate candidate Cliff Hutchison: “I endorse Measure 80 to legalize hemp for Oregon’s farmers and cannabis for adult use”

“Tax and regulation reform for job creation are my legislative priorities, but Oregon’s voters can end prohibition now,” Hutchison said. “With the current situation of scarce jobs and overstretched law-enforcement agencies, I endorse Measure 80 to legalize industrial hemp for Oregon’s farmers and cannabis for adult use, which will create jobs, cut wasteful government spending on corrections and reduce drug-gang violence.”
Measure 80 would replace Oregon’s failed system of marijuana prohibition with an effective taxation-and-regulation model that would allow adults 21 and older to purchase cannabis at state-licensed stores only. Measure 80 would also give Oregon farmers the right to grow hemp to be sold to Oregon’s hemp food, biofuel, and textile companies, which would keep money in Oregon’s economy and create living-wage jobs around the state. 
“From historical figures like William F. Buckley to current Republican national voices like Jeff Flake and Tom Tancredo, to up-and-coming conservatives like Meghan McCain, more and more conservatives are supporting sensible marijuana policy because it aligns with their core values and political platforms,” said Roy Kaufmann, spokesman for the Yes on 80 campaign. “We’re proud to have Cliff’s support and look forward to adding more Conservative Oregonians to our movement.”
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