Coming: ‘Sex N Weed’ and ‘HIGHer Learning’ On iBAKE TV


Living The Dream

No Excuses Entertainment, a rapidly growing online marijuana media company, already produces the news and entertainment-centered Wake N Bake Show for iBAKE TV, which is garnering an enthusiastic audience eager to learn about cannabis cooking.
Now, iBAKE TV plans to bring both a new educational show, HIGHer Learning with Linzy Miggantz, and a new entertainment show, Sex N Weed, produced by the people at CodeFourTwenty. Both shows are scheduled to begin broadcasting in November, according to Thurlow Weed, CEO of No Excuses Entertainment, LLC and host of the Wake N Bake Show.

HIGHer Learning with Linzy Miggantz will inform viewers on various uses for cannabis oil (which has been known to cure certain cancers), what happens with your body when using the oil, and why it is beneficial. Miggantz is a Crohn’s patient is is currently using medical cannabis oil to treat it.
CodeFourTwenty has stepped outside of the normal online cannabis show with their new adult entertainment show, Sex N Weed. This show will be for the more mature marijuana audience; its Facebook page has already made an impact. Look for Sex N Weed to come out in late November.

“We are right on track where we want to be,” Thurlow Weed told Toke of the Town. “These new shows and the 2013 Medicated Chef Contest will be a great way to end 2012.”