Marijuana Injustice: Peter Knew It Wasn’t About Peter McWilliams

R.I.P. Peter McWilliams (1950-2000)

By Robert Platshorn
The Silver Tour
Long before he was incarcerated, Peter McWilliams wrote about the injustice of our cannabis laws. Peter’s death is significant only as statistic in our insane drug war. There have been thousands of Peters who lost their lives as a result of a cruel and impersonal system that incarcerates hundreds of thousands of our citizens — ordinary, hardworking Americans who have committed no crime against person, property or society.
If you believe that Peter was singled out for his activism, you have nothing left to fight for. He’s gone! The truth is he was treated like every other prisoner in the federal justice system. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of marijuana offenders, both in and out of prison, who are in exactly the same situation as Peter at the time of his death.
In my 30 years in federal prison for marijuana, I saw dozens of pointless unnecessary deaths, and hundreds who lost limbs or contracted debilitating diseases simply for lack of treatment.

Although I served 30 years in prison, and was discharged from parole after three years, the government is now insisting I must serve “Special Parole.”

Robert Platshorn spreads the truth about cannabis through The Silver Tour, even as he battles cancer. Now the federal government has moved to silence him, and has forbidden him to use the only medicine that helps 

Most people in our community know that I have been ordered by the government not to travel to promote legalization of cannabis. What they do not know is that I have been ordered not to use cannabis to treat my own cancers.
I’ve successfully treated a half dozen skin cancers with oil. My original parole officer knew it and had no problem. He did not test me. That all changed with his death. I’ve been officially ordered not to treat my cancers with cannabis. They test me often. Now I must choose between surgery which hasn’t worked well in the past, or a week on oil that always works.
My point!: It’s not about Peter McWilliams or Robert Platshorn. It’s about the law. It must change!
No petition without force of law is ever going to help anyone in prison. No memorial seen by a few thousand activists is going to make the least bit of difference. Articles in the social media and activist press do not reach the mainstream. No internet radio, TV or YouTube is going to influence enough people.
The message has to be delivered to the audience, not the audience to the message. My Silver Tour has put up billboards and that was fine for some quick PR. We have done live shows and gotten international press. But that only reaches a hundred or two hundred people at a time. I’m an old infomercial producer and know that to sell a gadget or a concept takes repetition on commercial TV. No other media has that sort of effective reach.
The best thing I can do to honor Peter McWilliams is to push for a change in the law before more Peters or Roberts die unnecessarily.
In January The Silver Tour will begin a three-month saturation TV campaign broadcasting “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?” in Washington D.C, and as many cities as finances permit. As little as $10,000 can buy 100 half-hour broadcasts.
You can be part of this campaign for Peter and all the Peters now filling our prisons. Support it and learn more at I believe if Peter were here, he would be at my side changing minds and changing the laws.