Marijuana Vending Machine Co. Sues Arkansas Anti-Pot Group



Medbox, Inc., which manufactures medical marijuana vending machines, has filed a lawsuit in Arkansas against Jerry Cox and the Family Council Action Committee (FCAC) for their use of the company’s trademarked imagery “in a derogatory fashion” during a press conference objecting to a medical marijuana ballot measure in the state.

During the anti-medical marijuana press conference, Cox stood next to a cardboard cutout of a Medbox machine and claimed, “It’s just yet another way to put more marijuana into the hands of the public. These machines … don’t run 8 to 5. They run 24/7.”
Medbox said they filed the lawsuit because they believe that Cox and the FCAC have “tarnished the image and the technology of the company.”
“Our machines are used for controlled and compliant dispensing of traditional medications in assisted living facilities, hospitals, urgent care centers and pharmacies, as well as in alternative medicine dispensaries — where the systems are placed behind the counter and are an important tool in improving and maintaining compliance,” a Medbox officer rebuked in a statement that was also sent to Cox and the FCAC. “We believe that the negative image portrayed in this press conference has harmed our company.”

Medbox, Inc., retained Holleman & Associates, PA, of Arkansas, which has filed orders to seek injunctive relief, damages for trademark infringement, and defamation against Cox and the FCAC.
“The medical marijuana industry cannot justify the need for 24-hour access to the product, and that is why the company does not allow ANY of our machines to be used in that capacity in this industry,” said Dr. Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox, Inc. “Mr. Cox has falsely portrayed that our company and machines are part of a problem when in fact our technology is part of the solution — by providing secure means of dispensing sensitive medications like medical marijuana, behind-the-counter and at the control of clinic staff.”