Open Letter To Ohio Lawmakers: Stop Arresting Marijuana Patients


Tonya Davis/Facebook
Tonya Davis is a medical marijuana activist in Ohio

By Tonya Davis
This is an open letter to my Ohio legislators.
I have nowhere else to turn. I hope you hear my cries for help and I hope you stand up for me. Representative Bobby Hagan will be  Re introducing the Ohio medical compassion act which I hope you will consider cosponsoring  in January 2013.
It would merely allow Ohio’s doctors and patients to decide whether or not medical cannabis could benefit them or not. It would allow the department of health to keep an eye on the program and make sure there were no abuses. Anyone that is in the program would be in a database so that you can keep track of this act of compassion.
We also believe that it would save Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars by not arresting, incarcerating  and prosecuting folks for making a choice using cannabis as medicine. we also believe that the Obama administration would not bother our program because there would not be storefronts or dispensaries selling the product.

More than 73 percent of Ohioans support the compassionate use of marijuana. I am not sure you are aware but our sister state of Michigan has a medical cannabis program. We believe that we should have the same rights as those folks just across our border.
Also Colorado and Washington just legalized marijuana for personal use.

Tonya Davis/Facebook

My name is Tonya Davis and I’m your constituent. I am a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter. I could be your neighbor, friend, coworker. You have seen me at the Ohio Statehouse over the last decade in a suit rolling around in my wheelchair trying to bring your attention to alternative medication that is actually safer than aspirin.
Yes, I’m talking about medical cannabis and this has been my choice of medicine. For a long time you said to me to “bring in a doctor that supports this issue.” I have!  You have said “bring in the science that supports cannabis as medicine.” I have! You have said “Get a Republican on board.” WE HAVE…
We have jumped through the hoops that you have asked us to jump through.
We have a certified petition for the Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment that was certified by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General last October. We currently have House Bill 214  that is being ignored in the health committee because our Speaker of the House refuses to give it a hearing.
Now I’m asking you to save my life.
My whole life I have begged for help no one ever hears me. I will be heard this time because  this is my life I’m fighting for, and I’m going to die on my terms.
Our government knows that cannabis is a medicine and that it is a neuroprotective and antioxidant. They have  patents on it. I am literally fighting for my life and my independence as well as trying to keep my cognitive thinking OK. By allowing me the same access as the 18 states plus Washington D.C., as well as the four patients that are currently allowed on federal level… It is not harming anyone. 
I deserve that same access, even though I am in the state of Ohio. I should not have to go die like a wounded animal in the woods (going to a state that does have medical cannabis laws) where I have no family and no support system.
I am not a drug addict; I do not suffer from mental illness or have any type of criminal record.
I do have my Ohio doctors’ support; I have my pharmacist’s support… I have my out-of-state written recommendation from my cannabinoid specialist.  I have lived in same place for the decade I’ve fought for this issue.
Here is a video clip of me and my cannabinoid specialist:
My neurologist came into my hospital room and told me a year ago that there was nothing that they can do for me anymore except keep me comfortable and treat symptoms. I have massive calcium deposits on my brain. I have pseudo-hypoparathyroidism which has completely disabled me and caused major medical problems such as crippling arthritis, diseased esophagus, hiatal hernia… inflamed bowel disease with adhesions wrapped around it…. severe hypocalcemia… very high phosphorous… my blood pressure is all over the map… my heart rate is through the roof. All of this can be proven and backed up.
Will you do the right thing and support compassion not corruption?
My future is bleak, but I have an opportunity to change things and to protect what brain that is not damaged yet. And most importantly, die on my terms.