R.I.P. Cash Hyde: Police Force Way Into Grieving Family’s Home


Cash Hyde Foundation
R.I.P., Cashy. Here Cash is just two weeks ago in his Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween.

Cash Hyde — the child who united the medical marijuana community with his brave fight for life against cancer — died Wednesday night at his family’s home in Montana. Only minutes after four-year-old Cashy’s passing, according to family members, the Missoula Police Department and coroner’s office forced their way into the home.

“I asked if they could leave as we only wanted family so we could mourn and they refused,” posted a family member on the Cash Hyde Foundation Facebook page. “Then they told us they were taking him and we had to argue with them for 45 minutes that Cashy was staying with us.
“They completely disrespected our family and Cashy’s moment of peace,” the family member posted. “They do not respect the living or the dead and for that I am ashamed to even be a Missoulian!
“Their phone number is (406) 552-6001.”
★ Call to Action! ★
We demand respect for the Hyde Family!!
Montana Governor Brian D. Schweitzer – (406) 444-3111;
John Engen, Missoula Mayor – (406) 552-6001; 
Mark Muir, Chief of Police – (406) 552-6320;
Steve Brester, Office of Professional Standards – (406) 552-6298;
Missoula Police Department – (406) 552-6300;
Channel 8 News – KPAX – 406.542.4400, [email protected]

Call them ALL and let them know how you feel about their disrespect towards the Hyde Family! Every family should have time to mourn the loss of their child before they have to let go of them for eternity. 

Shame on you, Missoula Police Department!

R.I.P. Cashy, We will never forget you! 
A simple Child,
That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb,
What should it know of death?
~ William Wordsworth