Fox News Caught Faking Again: Drivers On Cannabis


Fox News, for whatever reason, just can’t be trusted to report accurately on marijuana issues. 

In the latest example of this truism, Fox News in Colorado was caught cheating by a participant in a driving simulator test for medical marijuana patients.
This participant went in undercover with a camera to expose the truth about “driving high” and the fact that Fox News designed the test to fail.

Max Montrosee/YouTube
Max Montrosee carried a hidden camera with him into the Fox News stoned driving simulator test

The footage was edited — and the tests themselves were manipulated, to make it seem as if driving under the influence of marijuana, even for experienced medicinal patients, invariably means impairment.
Max Montrosee said that he isn’t condoning driving under the influence of anything; he is “proving a point that cannabis stays in your system way longer than the effect.”
Fox said no one aced their test. According to Montrosee, that’s because no one was allowed to!