Let’s Make 2013 The Year We End Cannabis Prohibition



By Robert Platshorn
The Silver Tour
In 2011, with the help of Irv Rosenfeld and volunteers from NORML of Florida, I developed a free show that would entertain and educate seniors on the benefits of medical marijuana. It was something that no activist organization had ever done.
We “took it on the road.” Our first show was in front of an audience of six people, in an alleyway behind a Green Party storefront. The next show was in the back room in a Denny’s for 20 Libertarians.
When we were ready for the “Big Time,” Karen Goldstein, president of NORML of Florida, booked us into Ladies Auxiliary meeting at the Reform Synagogue of a South Florida Century Village. The show rocked! They lined up to sign letters and petitions demanding  “safe legal access” to nature’s most important medicine. The rest is history.

 This was our year in 2012. The Silver Tour made international news — all of it positive!
CNN, The Wall Street JournalThe Daily Beast, local and national papers, news shows, and magazines; newspapers, magazines, blogs and television shows in Australia, France, Holland, England, Russia and Ireland were talking about the former pot smuggler who was telling seniors why they needed marijuana.
Now, for the first time in 75 years, activists and organizations have begun speaking to seniors.  Public opinion is changing quickly. Seniors are no longer uncomfortable or afraid to talk to each other or talk to their doctors about medical marijuana.

The Silver Tour

The most needy, not to mention the most powerful, voting block in America is coming out of the closet in large numbers. In every city where our TV show, Should Grandma Smoke Pot? was aired, seniors have become our allies in the fight to end cannabis prohibition.
Seniors are signing petitions, writing letters and calling lawmakers. This is the missing link. No longer are we just the usual hippie suspects demanding legal pot. Seniors voters demand and get serious attention from politicians.
“The Silver Tour is educating the most important part of our population,” said Irvin Rosenfeld, one of America’s four remaining federal medical marijuana patients. “This is the group that most needs medical cannabis.
“I have used this medicine legally from the federal government for over 30 years,” Rosenfeld said. “If it were so bad, the Feds would not be providing my meds. It works well for so many disorders. I’m living proof.”
Toke of the Town readers can sponsor The Silver Tour’s broadcast campaign for any amount. It will go directly to support our campaign to air one or more broadcasts of Should Grandma Smoke Pot? Contributions can be public or anonymous, and all membership funds help keep Grandma on the air and pay office expenses.