Police find illegal grow operation in former flower store in New York state


Fabulous Flowers in Mount Vernon, NY.

Here’s a reminder to those of you living (and growing) in cold temps: wrap your pipes up in the winter time.
Cops in Mount Vernon, New York are searching for cannabis growers who had set up shop in a warehouse attached to an abandoned flower store — a grow they only found after freezing temperatures cracked a water line.

The 300-plant grow was found last Saturday by firefighters who were called out by a neighbor to shut off a water leak. When they showed up, they found the grow – estimated by police at $250,000 – in a space below the former Fabulous Flowers (side note: what an awesome name for their grow operation!).
A police officer we spoke with at the Mount Vernon Police Department said that grow operations of this size aren’t common in their community. “We’ll see grows from time to time in houses, but no: this is not very common for us at all.” He admitted that the hiding spot was pretty good, and that if it wasn’t for the water leak they probably wouldn’t have ever known it was there.
Firefighters say they saw two people leave the grow operation as they were shutting off the leak, but didn’t stop them. Police told the Mount Vernon Journal News that the two “came out and saw the firefighters and left the scene. They didn’t hang around to be identified.”
Police say they still don’t know who was running the clandestine grow. The Drug Enforcement Administration was called in to take the pot plants and will be helping with the investigation.