Washington state looking for ganja experts to guide new industry


Think you know cannabis better than the Washington state government? You do? Great. You’re probably right, and because of that they might like to talk to you.
In an effort to begin constructing laws and regulations around Washington’s Initiative 502 that legalized limited amounts of cannabis possession and created a state-regulated recreational marijuana industry, Washington officials are looking for a few knowledgeable cannabis cultivators, tokers and scientists to help guide the policy.

A job fair of sorts was held on Wednesday in Tacoma, with a state contract-bidding expert on hand to answer questions from potential candidates. The Washington Times reported it was an eclectic crowd of both Washingtonians as well as a number of out-of-state prospects wearing everything from a coat and tie to “flannels” and “ponytails”. Included in that list is former High Times grow expert and prolific grow-guide writer, Ed Rosenthal.
While I’m sure plenty of pot enthusiasts will apply, the state is looking for people with knowledge in a much wider field than how to roll a joint. They want someone who knows about cultivation standards, how edibles are made, how various marijuana products are consumed, and how safety and potency testing can be accomplished.
Below is a list of requirements from the Washington State Liquor Control Board website for consultants in four different areas. Officials say the hope to get one person who can fill all roles, but if multiple contracts to different individuals or groups make sense they will be open to that as well.

1. Product and Industry Knowledge
This category includes but is not limited to: how marijuana is grown, cultivated, harvested, cured and processed. How marijuana is infused into food and beverages. How marijuana should be packaged, labeled, transported and sold at a retail level. How wholesale and retail product should be recalled and accounted for. How marijuana should be destroyed if over-produced, contaminated or recalled.
2. Product Quality Standards and Testing
This category includes but is not limited to: knowledge of the infrastructure to test marijuana to ensure product quality, content, ingredients and consumer safety considerations. The consultant may assist the WSLCB with establishing quality standards for testing.
3. Product Usage and Consumption Validation
This category includes but is not limited to: expertise to estimate product usage and consumption levels by geographic areas in Washington State.
4. Product Regulation
This category includes but is not limited to: a strong understanding of state, local or federal government processes and procedures. The consultant may assist the WSLCB in crafting marijuana system regulations.

The deadline for bids is 2 p.m. February 15, and selections will be made by March 20. If you really want to apply, visit the WSLCB website here.