India man busted selling herb out of temple


Angul, India.

Meet 37-year-old Amol Bhattacharya, better known to his friends, neighbors and customers at Mantubaba. Mantubaba is a pretty popular guy in Angul. Not just for his awesome name, but for his alleged profession in the import-export business. Notably, cannabis import-export.

Apparently Mantubaba had built a temple in his neighborhood sometime over the last three years. While on the surface his shrine was peddling enlightenment and the path to Nirvana, those that knew Mantubaba knew he was also offering an earthly alternative in the form of ganja.

Not Mantubaba, but probably not far off either.

Things were going well until someone snitched on Mantubaba, telling officials about a deal of two quintals (about 440 pounds) worth more than 12 lakh (about $22,225) that was going.
Now meet The Flying Squad of Excise Intelligence and Enforcement Bureau. Seriously, that is the name of whatever law enforcement agency this is in India. You thought the DEA was bad? These guys can apparently defy the laws of gravity, according to their name.
The Flying Squad of Excise Intelligence and Enforcement Bureau raided Mantubaba’s house around 8 a.m. February 12, arresting Mantubaba and taking more than a quintal (about 220 pounds) of ganja they found in gunny sacks in Mantubaba’s basement. No word on his charges, or how long of a prison stay he may or may not be facing.
View of Angul from inside a tuktuk.

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