Powerful video shows instant relief for epileptic cannabis patient


Adam and Erin.

The other day we were sent a video of cannabis dramatically helping a patient with epilepsy from a reader who asked that we share it to help others in the same position hopefully find relief. The video itself is somewhat low-quality and shaky, but in it you can clearly see Adam’s convulsions and the muscle-tightening that balls his hands into fists. After just a few puffs, you can see his body instantly relax as his shaking and convulsions get under control.

From Erin in Aurora, Colorado:

The man I love, Adam, has Epilepsy, Chronic head pain, and a Movement Disorder (as a result of his Epilepsy,) as well as nerve pain from his previous ‘medications.’ He’s found much success with Cannabis as his medicine. With it, he was able to go almost three years without a seizure. Every morning, at about 5 am, when his movement disorder wakes us, I literally get to watch his medicine work.
For three years (before Cannabis,) Adam would struggle to move on his own, and had to deal with the daily fear of when his next seizure would strike. His ‘medicines’, at age 31, had given him fatty liver disease. Doctors often prescribe ‘cocktails’ for resistant seizures, cocktails which are highly dangerous to a healthy person, let alone someone who already has debilitating health problems. He’d gained almost 100 pounds from the pharmaceuticals, and they did nothing to control his movement disorder, or seizures. One anti-epileptic drug, Kepra, actually gave him 17 grand mals in a month.
Since finding and using Cannabis as his medicine, Adam was able to go almost 3 years without seizing, and when he did have one again, it was not a grand mal. It was more like his brain making an attempt at a grand mal, an effort the Cannabis in his system thwarted. He currently takes NO pharmaceuticals.
Since getting better, and seeing how many people die from their anti-convulsing meds, he knew he needed to tell his story, to share with other people who suffer from Epilepsy that dangerous pills and arcane, risky brain surgeries are NOT the only option.

Research has shown time and time again that certain cannabinoids like CBD have amazing therapeutic value for epilepsy and other types of seizures. Now if only our government would pay attention to stories like Adam and Erins and end the needless suffering of more than 2.2 million Americans suffering from this disease.
Thanks for sharing your story, Adam and Erin.