Ten pounds of marijuana shipped to Seattle Kmart


Kush check on aisle five!

A garbage bag filled with ten pounds of marijuana meant for the east coast somehow ended up in the shipping room of a Kmart where an (apparently un-cool) employee found it and called 911 to alert police.

According to police, the package originally shipped from L.A. to Philadelphia, but for some reason never made it to its intended destination (no doubt leaving somebody else really, really paranoid). The return address was for the Kmart in north Seattle that is closing down in a few weeks. Random coincidence? Yeah, it probably is. This would be a pretty elaborate scheme to get pot from one ganja-friendly state to another, equally as tolerant state.
The herb was put into evidence and that they’ve put detectives on the case. Before any of you get all weepy about the confiscated cannabis, police say it was wrapped in porous garbage bags, surrounded by chemical-stinky polystyrene packing peanuts and then wrapped in Korean newspapers still wet with cleaning fluid.
Still, you have to wonder how many of the soon-to-be-out-of-work employees would rather have said nothing and left work ten-pounds heavier.