$1 million marijuana haul found on Air Force base beach


A California beach bust from last year.

Add military bases to your list of places you don’t want to use as a drop zone for your $1 million marijuana haul. Yesterday a 20-foot boat was found floating upside down without an engine floating outside of Vandenberg Air Force base Santa Barbara, California. Since the base – the third largest in the world – is used for testing missiles and firing rockets into space, this caused quite the stir.

Base Col. Nina Armango said in a press conference that they immediately went on high alert, locking down the more than 2,000 buildings on the base, securing launch pads and setting up searches the nearly 35 miles of beaches within their 100,000 acre perimeter. That’s when they came upon what is being described as a $1 million marijuana load.
She said the herb was wrapped in dark plastic wrap and was stacked up nearly six feet high and stashed under makeshift camouflage using nearby brush and grasses. “It took some time to do this,” Armango said. The Air Force handed over the investigation to the Department of Homeland Security, who confirmed the marijuana’s value (editor’s note: they always over inflate these busts and value the herb at thousands more per-pound than it’s really worth – especially in California)
There have been reports of similar boats to the north and south of the base in the past, she said – but never has one washed ashore like this. Armango suspects the camouflaged the weed because they intended to return – at least until they realized they were on a military base. Military officials say they are still searching for suspects and that security on the base has been increased.