California sixth-grader arrested for fooling classmates into eating pot brownie


In an almost comical attempt to achieve pure political correctness, we have seen elementary schools across the nation go to the extremes by banning ridiculous items like Pogs, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and even kids playing tag – all in the name of student safety.
So while officials at Pomona Elementary School in Costa Mesa, CA were no-doubt busy busting kids for Pokemon cards and making sure that everybody wins at kickball, a sixth grade student at the school smuggled a potent batch of pot brownies right under their noses and onto the playground.

The student proceeded to pass marijuana brownies around to six classmates, five boys and one girl, and encouraging them to eat the cannabis-infused treats knowing full well what was in them. When one of the kids mentioned the odd flavor associated with the brownies, their deviant classmate ‘fessed up and told them that the baked goods would get them baked.
The local fire department responded when a number of the kids experiencing severe nausea and vomiting. Eventually, all seven students involved – ages 10 to 12 years old – were taken to the local hospital to be monitored and checked out by doctors there.
The school itself responded by offering extra counseling to students who needed it, as well as a meeting with interested parents to discuss drug use. The names of all of the kids involved are being kept confidential, and the Costa Mesa police department immediately opened an investigation to determine exactly how the youngster got his hands on the dangerous desserts.
School staff discovered a baggie of actual pot in the boy’s backpack on Tuesday after the brownie scare and turned it over to detectives at the police department, according to Laura Boss, Newport-Mesa Unified School District spokeswoman. Costa Mesa PD’s work culminated two days later on Thursday of last week, arresting the boy himself.
In an era of stupid pranks gone wrong, and deadly food allergies leading to tragic results, it’s pretty clear that this kid’s parents are failing him somewhere – even if they weren’t the ones charged with directly or indirectly providing him with pot. No matter where you stand on the issue of marijuana legalization, kids like this have no business with cannabis and asinine, stupid pranks like this show exactly why.