Colorado police drug dog trained to ignore marijuana

A Dutch shepherd from wikipedia.

Normally, drug dogs and I don’t get along. That whole I-smell-like-skunk-ass-daily thing really puts a damper on any chance of a mutually-respectful friendship.
But Loveland, Colorado police might have just changed that by training drug dogs that specifically do not sniff for weed thanks to voter approved Amendment 64 which legalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use and possession.

Meet Shadow the Dutch shepherd. Actually, we hope you never do meet Shadow, but here she is anyway. Loveland police were showing her off earlier this week to reporters at the Reporter Herald. Police say that because marijuana is now legal, people can distract the older dogs that sniff for marijuana as well as other drugs by simply having now-legal marijuana in the car.
Trainers say they couldtrain the other two dogs in the Loveland police department to differentiate smells, but that such training would hard to be uphold in court. “With Shadow, she would be in the 99 to 100 percent effectiveness and we wouldn’t have to counteract that with training,” her trainer told the Reporter Herald.
Despite her ability to ignore pot, maybe shadow and I wouldn’t get along. She can be a real bitch, apparently. Aside from her duties as a drug dog, Shadow is being trained in subject apprehension – which is a nice way of saying she can partially maul someone into submission.
Shadow is the third dog for the police department, which hopes to get a fourth dog – also trained to ignore marijuana – so that there’s a k9 unit on every shift for the small town police department with a Napoleon complex. She’s also the first female dog on the squad,