Snoop Dogg Lion documentary drops in limited cities today


Over the last year or two, one of the greatest rap icons of all time has undergone a transformation of sorts. Snoop Dogg, one of the kings of West Coast rap, seemingly has reached a midlife point where he’s searching for something bigger, something more meaningful – and he says he’s found it reggae music and a new-found love for Jamaica.

So is it all an act, or has Snoop really ditched the Dogg and become a Rastafari lion? The movie seems to take on that question, with what appears to be an honest glimpse into the transformation of an American cultural rap icon to a mellower, irie-eyed Rastafarian.
Decide for yourself if you’re in one of the cities where the film is making an American run this month. You can catch the doc at these locations starting today:
Los Angeles: Laemmle Monica

San Francisco: Opera Plaza

Chicago: Century
Atlanta: Midtown Art Cinema
Miami: O Cinema
Austin: Violet Crown
New York City: Sunshine Cinemas