Texas lowrider ice cream truck driver busted with marijuana


El Paso County Sheriff.
Actual ice cream truck.

The coolest ice cream truck in El Paso, Texas won’t be serving up treats anytime soon after the driver was found with herb inside after a traffic stop. About 3 p.m. on Friday, two patrollers with the El Paso County Texas Sheriff’s department saw an ice cream truck with an expired registration sticker and a cracked windshield – or so they say.

In reality they pulled over the ice cream truck because it was candy purple and was sitting on 22-inch rims with two Hispanic dudes behind the windshield. (Then again, I wouldn’t doubt if the two were just hungry for some on-the-job junk food and stopped the truck for some ho-hos and ding-dongs.)
The truck pulled over into a parking lot and 19-year-old Elijah Sanchez reportedly jumped out of the van and ran around the parking lot until taken down by one of the cops a few hundred yards from the van. On him, cops say they found a “leafy green substance, believe to be marijuana” (Editor’s note: Cops in El Paso don’t know how to identify marijuana on sight?).
Back at the van, the driver, Big Worm Anthony Arellano, was also found with herb inside the truck. Both men were charged with possession of under two ounces. No word on if the two were huge fans of Cheech and Chong flicks or were in any way obsessed with the movie Friday.

Still from Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams.