Arizona: Man sells herb on Facebook and woman hides ganja in vagina


It must be getting hot in Arizona. Our friends at the Phoenix New Times have a pair of stories worth repeating – so that they never are repeated again:
First up, there’s Jorge Valencia who police say was just out there in the open using Facebook to sling herb like it was no big deal (Editor’s note: it shouldn’t be). Nobody told Jorge about privacy settings apparently, because police were able to see him post about what he had and how much “dope money” he’d been making.
Next up, we’ve got Stephanie Lopez who was allegedly smoking some herb in her car when police pulled her over (in the drive-through of the Burger King). Police officer didn’t find the herb right away and Lopez denied it initiatlly, but later admitted to the cop she had it and pulled it out of her vagina. No word on if it was XXX Diesel or (I know this is bad) Pussy Kush.