San Diego City Council considering allowing medical marijuana dispensaries (again)


San Diego City Council is considering allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in the city again, and will take up the topic today at their Monday council meeting.
After ordinances allowing dispensaries – albeit with very strict regulations – were nullified in 2011, the city has been without medical marijuana laws. The existing shops were deemed illegal and the city shut down the roughly 100 or so in town.

But Mayor Bob Filner, who has advocated for marijuana dispensaries as safe places for patients to get medicine, has pushed for the reinstatement of the shops. Since announcing his plans, some twenty or so shops have re-opened in the town and, though not legal, they have not been reported to city code inspectors according to San Diego’s ABC 10.
Today, city council will consider measures that would allow marijuana dispensaries to open up in permitted zones while keeping them away from residential areas. They will also discuss a new fee schedule for licensing the dispensaries. Dispensaries would also not be allowed to open within 1,000 feet of one another.
We’ll be sure to update this post when we find out which way Council leans.