South African residents find marijuana plantation, harvest it before police can act


Pretoria, South Africa.

Last weekend, residents of Saulsville, Pretoria, South Africa discovered a field of cannabis – called “dagga” in South Africa – growing in a field behind a community park.
But instead of calling the police, who would have destroyed the field, word spread quickly to the ganja smokers of the neighborhood who turned out in droves to harvest the buds before officials could do anything about it.

According to the Times, people were seen leaving the field with garbage bags full of buds. (Editor’s note: those must be some early flowering buds, considering they just went into fall in the southern hemisphere).
The article quotes one unnamed 32-year-old who collected two garbage bags full of herb. “I am set for at least a year if I smoke alone,” he said. “All I need now is a concealed spot where I can dry it.”
One man – who asked to remain anonymous – doesn’t even smoke but filled up a six-gallon bucket with buds for his friends and family who do.
One nearby resident, Raymond Ndukula, said he wondered why the park was so busy over the last few days and why so many people had been carrying bags around. “I did not know why until I saw people carrying bags and I later learned that it was dagga,” he said.
By last Wednesday, the plantation had been cleared of all but three cannabis bushes said to be growing in an inaccessible location surrounded by deep undergrowth.