Stolen iPad leads to cannabis arrest in New Zealand


Think differently (about cannabis).

Note: if you live in a place where growing marijuana isn’t legal, taking pictures with your cell phone or iPad and leaving them on there might not be a great idea.
Back in February, police recovered a stolen iPad. Good job, right? Wrong. To find out the owner of the iPad, we’re assuming they went through it. Now, that might be overlooked if they only used the information for the intended purpose.

Instead, police used photos they found of Michal John Nicholas posing with a couple of marijuana plants (February nearing the middle of summer for the Southern Hemisphere and all) to arrest Nicholas for marijuana cultivation, according to the Nelson Mail.
They showed up at Nicholas’ house, asked him what was going on and he came clean – showing the cops his two meager marijuana plants and their tiny buds. When asked why he took the pictures, he said he was surprised at how well they had been growing as he isn’t much of a green thumb.
Thankfully, Nicholas didn’t get any jail time for his paltry cultivation. On Monday, Nicholas was sentence to 80 hours of community service.