Woman smuggles magnetized marijuana bundles into San Diego unknowingly


What better way to get someone to act natural than for them to not even know they are smuggling anything in the first place, right?
That was the case with a 33-year-old Mexican woman who works days in San Diego. She crossed the border around 3 a.m. Friday on her way to work. She got there earlier than expected, so she decided to chill out in her car and likely take a little cat nap before her shift.

But around 4 a.m. she was startled when two men parked near her, got out and walked straight over to her car and began pulling things from the underside. Either they were too stoned themselves, or the woman was hiding really well – but the smugglers didn’t notice the woman was in the car until she made a move and startled the two. They dropped what they were doing, ran back to their black sedan and sped off.
What they left behind was about 30 pounds of pot that had been magnet-stuck to the bottom of her car likely back in Mexico. Police say the woman had nothing to do with the smuggling and was probably just a pawn in the game. What they don’t point out is that she was likely being watched for at least some time before this incident by the smugglers, who knew where she was driving to and from each day.
Police are still searching for the suspects.

San Deigo Police.