Amanda Bynes arrested for marijuana posession and bong tossing in NYC


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Amanda Bynes.

Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested last night for marijuana possession and reckless endangerment at her apartment in New York City.
According to police, the (very uncool) doorman in Bynes’s building called the cops complaining that the actress was puffing a joint as she walked through the lobby of the building.

When police arrived and say Bynes let them into her allegedly smoke-filled 36th floor apartment where they found her with herb and a bong. The not-so-quick-thinking Bynes then jumped into action and threw the bong out of the window of her 36th floor apartment.
Thankfully there aren’t reports of anyone getting killed by a flying Roor anywhere in the New York Media (yet).
After the bong-toss, police made their arrest. In typical Hollywood style, she reportedly screamed “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” while being dragged out of the building. Frankly, we don’t give a fuck who you are – spoiled brat actress or normal Joe on the street – nobody deserves to go to jail for cannabis possession.
To add insult to the (ego) injury, the actress was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, then over to the Midtown station where she spent the night awaiting trial sometime today, according to NBC New York.
Bynes, a California native, was charged with tampering with evidence (the bong) and criminal possession of marijuana. The latter seems to be an indication that she had more than the 25 grams allowed under New York’s decriminalization laws. Depending on the weight, Bynes could be facing anywhere from three months to 15 years if the charges stick. The actress was also booked on reckless endangerment for throwing a heavy glass object out of a skyscraper.
According to TMZ, Bynes is also on probation in California for a suspended driver’s license case that followed a DUI in Beverly Hills.