Atlanta rapper checks into rehab for “marijuana addiction” (seriously)


Don’t pass your joints to Lil’ Scrappy.

Lil Scrappy can’t handle his weed. At least, that’s what he wants everyone to believe. The Atlanta-based rapper and reality TV personality announced this week that he’s entering rehab for marijuana use and that it’s not a publicity stunt.
But from the outside one could easily see it as gaming the media, especially with the threat of jail time for marijuana and firearm possession charges hanging over his head.
Lil’ Scrappy was arrested in 2008 in Atlanta for felony gun and marijuana charges, and given three years probation since it was a first-time offense. But the rapper apparently didn’t think probation was serious enough to try and pass his piss tests, failing one test then refusing to take another back in March. (Editor’s note: Come on, Scrappy. You’re a well-paid rapper, dude. Pay someone for their clean piss!)

Scrappy says going to rehab is not a publicity stunt to help sway judges and probation officers into being more lenient on him. Except, that’s exactly what is going on here. See, a judge said he could avoid probation and jailtime by completing a rehab program. Not only that, but he made his announcement while on camera for his reality TV show.
“I don’t blame the judicial system for me being in my situation,” the rapper said. “I’ve put all fingers on myself. I have a willpower that God blessed me with, but I wasn’t able to use it because of my addiction.”
Sorry Scrappy-Doo, but you clearly don’t have “a willpower”. Marijuana isn’t physically addictive.
Look, we hope Lil’ Scrappy sorts out whatever life issues he’s going through, but blaming the ganja and saying you’re addicted? The only troubles you seem to face with your marijuana use is troubles with the law – so move the fuck out of Atlanta to a state where you won’t get arrested for possession anymore.
Whether he’s sincere or not, all he’s doing is keeping up ridiculous stereotypes about marijuana due to his lack of personal control. This whole situation was all best summed up years ago in the seminal stoner flick, Half Baked:

Boo this man is right.