St. Louis police chief says marijuana leads to heroin deaths


St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.

Ken Wells uses marijuana daily to control his epilepsy, and was happy to tell Fox News St. Louis all about it in a report last night.
The report centered around Wells and his story as well as laws being pushed in Missouri and Illinois, but what stood out most to us was how amazingly ignorant St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch sounds when talking about medical marijuana.

“There’s not a positive bit of good that come out of [medical marijuana legalization],” Fitch says. “That is just a front for legalizing it and using marijuana recreationally. It is just a front. They always start with medical marijuana an then it goes to what Colorado and Washington did — Okay now we are okay with recreational.”
Yes, because all of those sick cancer, AIDS, MS and Crohn’s patients using cannabis in Colorado and Washington were really just faking their diseases and the thousands of dollars in treatments and doctors visits just so they could legally get high. Here’s hoping nobody in Fitch’s family ever gets seriously ill – the guy probably would probably cuff you for alleviating your pain with a natural remedy.
Fitch, who comes across like a complete fucking moron law enforcement officer who knows nothing about cannabis, also says pot is to blame for drug deaths nationwide.”One of the things I have learned over the last 22 town hall meetings with folks that lost children as a result of heroin use is every one of them without fail used marijuana first.”
It’s so pathetically wrong and stupid, it’s funny. But not in a funny ha-ha way, more of a this-is-so-depressing-I-can-only-laugh kind of way.
The report is also humorous for several reasons, including the print-version on the Fox News St. Louis site that spells bhang as “bong”, cannabis as “cannibus” and ganja as “ghanja”. We can’t tell if the reporter was trying to sound ignorant (and ignoring spell check) as a way of hiding his own pot use, but we wouldn’t be surprised.
And while we’re glad he’s telling his story, Wells should think twice about doing future TV interviews about his illegal pot use all over the nightly news – even if it is medical – with a police chief like Fitch on the prowl.
Watch the original report below over on the Fox News St. Louis site.