Arizona man begins push for statewide legalization initiative in 2013


Dennis Bohlke is determined to get a lot of autographs. The 59-year-old computer programmer is heading up the campaign for a bill that would legalize the possession, cultivation and sales of limited amounts of cannabis in a plan nearly identical to one passed in Colorado.
But all that can” come without signatures. More than a quarter million of them.

“It’s a very bad thing for people to get arrested for marijuana — especially for young people going to college and going to school,” Bohlke told “It has a very bad impact on their life and I just think it’s time that we do something about it.”
Bohlke says he’s partially motivated by personal experience. After being busted several times in Scottsdale with cannabis in his car. The last time it happened, in July of 2010, the cop said Bohlke failed to stop at a red light. That resulted in a DUI investigation in which Bohlke was convicted of a THC DUI for having just trace amounts of inactive THC metabolytes in his system.
The entire proposal is currently up on the Safer Arizona website. Currently, the proposed language would make cannabis use legal for anyone within the state “and of voting age”, which would mean all adults 18 and up. POsession limits would be set at 2.5 ounces and up to twelve marijuana plants that you can grow either indoors or outdoors behind a “locally zone approved” fence.
The language would keep driving under the influence of marijuana illegal, but would establish several guidelines for convicting someone of that offense. It would also protect parental and gun owner’s rights at the state level, though it wouldn’t protect your job – bosses could still fire you for marijuana use.
Person-to-person sales would remain illegal, but you could give away up one ounc to any other consenting adult. All sales would be through state regulated dispensaries.
Industrial hemp would also become legal if the initiative were to pass.