California clothing shop owner “accidentally” gives pot food to art teacher and teenage students


Culture Shock, from Facebook.

The owner of Culture Shock clothing boutique in Fairfax, California is either really stupid or really diabolic. That’s our conclusion today after a report surfaced about her “accidentally” giving pot food to a local art teacher and her students while the group was on a field trip.

According to the art teacher, the group was wrapping up an outdoor children’s art class when Culture Shock owner Lori Kulberg came out to greet the middle-school age group with a plate full of cookies.
After noshing a few of them down, the kids and teacher started feeling woozy. Eventually the teacher and one of the students wound up in the hospital. A second kid rode out his trip at home with his parents who were physicians. The kids were 12 and 13 respectively.
For her part, Kulberg seems to admit to her actions. She told police that she didn’t mean to do It and tells the Silicon Valley Mercury News that “it was a total accident.”
But really, unless someone else was playing a horrible trick on Kulberg – it’s hard for us as fellow ganja lovers to believe she didn’t know what the pot food was. Every pot smoker knows where their stash is, even if it is baked into some form of edible. Yes, the kids were fine. And no, there was never any danger of them overdosing. This is pot, after all.
But it is a story that shouldn’t have happened and one that gives ganja users yet another blemish.
Be responsible with your herb, friends.