Cincinnati mayoral hopeful says he’ll give out pot plants, hands out tomatoes instead


Jim Berns.

Jim Berns, a Libertarian candidate for mayor in Cincinnati is all for ending the war on marijuana. So much so that its part of his political platform.But apparently Berns is also a fan of gimmicky advertising.
Earlier this week he sent out a press release of himself and two other men with a tray of plants. Berns is holding a sign that reads “FREE MARIJUANA PLANTS” and promised to give them away at a press conference Wednesday. Despite marijuana not being legal in Ohio for any reason, about 30 people showed up allegedly expecting ganja plants.

The plants turned out to be common tomatoes. Berns admits his press stunt was crafty, but says it was to draw attention to unjust cannabis laws. It wasn’t misleading either, he contends. He did give out the plants in the photos, and he wasn’t saying the plants were marijuana either. Instead, he meant free marijuana plants in the wider, more political sense.
“Our brave men and women go to foreign countries and risk their lives to protect our freedoms. But with the marijuana issue, we lost our freedoms,” Berns told Cincinnati’s Channel 9 News. “I’m trying to bring attention to an abusive law.”

Jim Berns.
Note the look of dissapointment on her face.

According to reports, all of the plants were given out – along with political literature from Berns.