What does 17 million pounds of pot look like? (VIDEO)


17,000,000 lbs next to the Sydney Opera House.

Ever wonder what 17 million pounds of pot looks like? Neither did we, but thanks to the folks over at the Center for Investigative Reporting, we now have an idea.
As part of their series “Crossing the Line”, the group put together this video to demonstrate the absurdity of the war on drugs. Keep in mind that for all of 17 million pounds seized, untold amounts still flow across the border.

Produced by Michael Corey and originally posted on the CIR site, the video is a strange, meme-heavy look at just what 17 million pounds of pot would look like stacked up to some major landmarks around the world.
It’s also absurdly hysterical and perfectly stoner-strange with 8-bit graphics mingling with 3D imagery.