Border patrol finds ganja on pot smoker pop star Justin Bieber’s bus.


Wikimedia commons/Joe Bielawa.
“You, pass me that joint.”

When entering the United States at one of our many border locations, it is best to not draw attention to yourself if you are – by chance – bringing something less-than-legal back into the country with you. Not drawing attention to yourself is impossible, however, when you’re the world’s biggest teen boy pop sensation traveling in a million-dollar tour bus as Just Bieber found out Sunday.
While en-route from Canada back to the U.S. the bus was stopped by patrol agents at the U.S./Canadian border. The Biebs, however, wasn’t around to catch the charge – that went to his bus driver.

Yes, it seems the pop star wasn’t on the bus at the time even though he was scheduled to perform in Detroit Sunday night. Cops say they searched the bus first and didn’t come up with anything, but on a subsequent K9 search they were able to come up with the stash.
They say they found marijuana and paraphernalia that looked to be for personal use (as in, they didn’t find several pounds on the bus). The driver was cited and released.
This is the second time in about three months that police have found pot on Bieber’s bus. The last incident was in April in Sweden, when police found pot on an empty tour bus. Nobody was charged at the time.
Biebs has played down his pot smoking – even though he was caught on camera back in January. Sadly, it seems that the 19-year-old can’t be himself and burn one without his fans and the media going haywire. We think he should take a cue from fellow pop star Miley Cirus and come out and do a weed song with Snoop already.