Chicago maid hospitalized for pot brownie, 23-year-old resident arrested


“Ay, no.”

A housekeeper for a 23-year-old man in Chicago unknowingly ate a pot-filled brownie earlier this week.
That shouldn’t normally be a headline, but apparently this woman couldn’t handle her shit and freaked out. So bad, in fact, that the 23-year-old resident of the house called 911 for an ambulance – even though he clearly knew what she had consumed because he’s the one who made the brownie in the first place.

Once at the hospital, she was drug tested and came up positive for marijuana. That’s when cops began piecing the story together.
Police eventually made their way back to the Orland Park home where the maid worked and made contact with the 23-year-old resident of the house (which was owned by his parents who were on vacation). The resident admitted to making the pot brownies the night before with friends during a “sleep over” and that he had left one on the counter.
That’s when – according to – the guy’s 22-year-old friend showed the cops the leftover brownies in the trash at a local park. Honesty wasn’t the best policy in this case, either. Both men were arrested and charged with “reckless conduct”. No word on if the two men still remain friends.
So for those of you keeping count at home: there’s one idiot who left the pot brownies out, another idiot who ratted out his friend and a maid that can’t handle a strong buzz.
Thankfully, the housekeeper is cool enough to not press charges. No word on if the local district attorney will be as forgiving. Both men are due for a hearing August 13 according to the Chicago Tribune