Hash oil explosion in Colorado Springs injures woman, hatchet-wielding man


Wikimedia commons/Simon A. Eugster.

Hash oil explosion stories are becoming frighteningly more common these days, though this one is among the more bizarre we’ve found. Just after noon on Wednesday, a man showed up at a small Colorado Springs motel with severe burns over their body. The hotel staff immediately called the ambulance and the man and a woman he was with who had burns on her legs were taken to hospitals in Colorado Springs and Denver. Around the same time, police were called to a transmission shop nearby where an employee said he got into a fight with a severely burned man wielding a machete and a hatchet.
While nobody is clear on exactly what happened, police say they’ve begun putting the two incidents together and the connection is (unfortunately) hash oil.

The man apparently has camped out at the creek for a while and has been drifting around town allegedly stealing from businesses like the transmission shop according to Rueben Miller, the worker at Aacme Transmissions that confronted the man.
Miller says he saw the man in front a nearby business and went to confront him about the stealing.
“I said, ‘You are stealing my stuff,'” Miller told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “He said, ‘I don’t have time for you. I’m going to the hospital.”
That is when the man pulled out a machete and a hatchet presumably in an attempt to attack Miller. That isn’t what happened, though. Instead, Miller jumped into action and punched the guy in the face a couple of times until the man scuttled off to the motel leaving a duffel bag behind. Miller says that’s when he saw the skin peeling off the man’s exposed back and the man’s thumb dangling on by a flap of skin.
Police investigating the scene soon after found the duffel bag, which contained a couple of sealed pipes that looked suspiciously like bombs. So they called out a bomb squad with a robot to disarm the devices. But instead of explosives, they found ganja. They also found evidence of an explosion down by the creek where the man was camped.
That’s all the details police have for now. No word on the condition of the man or woman.