New Jersey toker faces year for butt-dialing police while getting stoned


If your phone has a keylock feature, use it. Not only will it prevent people from stealing your information if you happen to have your phone behind (or absentmindedly leave it somewhere), but it will keep you from pocket-dialing the cops while you talk about ganja with your friends.
Of course, merely talking about marijuana isn’t illegal – but as Florham park, New Jersey police proved last week: that won’t stop them from busting you.

It all started on Friday, July 5 when 22-year-old Andrew Macfarlane called 911. More specifically: his ass called 911. The cops on the other end listened in on the conversation long enough to hear people talking about marijuana through the muffled pocket-dial.
The cops then presumably traced the location of the call, because two cops showed up at the residence where Macfarlane was hanging out soon afterward. When the cops knocked on the door, they heard someone inside nervously proclaim that the cops were at the front door. The police then say they saw someone pick some things up off the table and walk them to the back of the house.
The cops kept banging on the door until Macfarlane eventually told them to come in. (Editor’s note: NEVER openly invite police in to your house!). Once inside, Macfarlane realized what had happened and apologized for the accidental phone call.
Which is when the police should have thanked the man for owning up to his mistake and went about their business.
But of course, they didn’t.
The cops instead say they saw “marijuana residue” on the coffee table and then searched the rest of the house where they say they found a pipe, herb and a grinder.
Macfarlane was then arrested for possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. Both charges are disorderly persons charges in New Jersey that carry six months in jail and $1,000 in fines each.