NY mom accused of growing $3m in cannabis released on bail


The New York mother accused of growing millions of dollars of marijuana in a Weeds-like tale has been released on bail. Andrea Sanderlin still faces trial on federal drug charges, but the judge released the mother of two this week on a $500,000 bond.

Her bail comes with stipulations to help make sure she doesn’t skip the country, notably that she lives with her children’s grandparents in a Manhattan apartment and that she must wear an electronic monitor.
Her next court appearance is July 15.
As we told you last month, Sanderlin was arrested after police initially were alerted to her alleged activities by a $9,000 per-month electricity bill and the bust of two other New York grow houses loosely tied to Sanderlin. Those two busts saw the arrest of Sanderlin’s current boyfriend and the father of one of her children. A third person arrested allegedly snitched out Sanderlin as the brains behind the operation.
In June, police say they pulled about 3,000 plants worth about $3 million from a Queens warehouse rented to Sanderlin. She was arrested, along with her maid.
If found guilty, Sanderlin could face up to a decade in prison.