Pro-marijuana video playing during NASCAR race this weekend (VIDEO)


A massive video screen blaring an advertisement will great fans at the Brickyard 400 this weekend. I know that sounds redundant considering all NASCAR consists of is 150 m.p.h. ads for laundry detergent, travel sites and web hosting sites, but it’s not for those products. Nor is it for the biggest NASCAR advertiser: the alcohol industry.
Instead, the huge video screen will be playing an advertisement for marijuana thanks to the Marijuana Policy Project. Specifically: the legalization and regulation of marijuana. It’s all part of their ongoing guerrilla advertising campaign to get people to think about their recreational choices when imbibing.

In the past, the group has made other publicity-grabbing stunts like putting up a billboard during alcohol awareness month in Oregon proclaiming that marijuana is safer than booze. They’ve also put out Father’s day videos and Mother’s Day videos about talking with parents about cannabis.
But the latest spoof is probably one of their largest campaigns. The NASCAR ad spins the liquor industry around, touting marijuana as the “New Beer” that has no calories, no hangovers and no tendency for violence. Though the whole thing looks like it was put together in an afternoon on a Mac using stock footage, it’s eerily similar to beer advertisements with the nameless, anonymous smiling people in the background and the gruff announcer’s voiceover touting the enjoyable benefits of marijuana.
The video screen that will be looping the video all weekend is technically located off the track property and NASCAR can’t do shit about it. It’ll be playing all weekend long, no doubt pissing off a few of the more conservative people in the crowd. But we also think that it’ll get a lot of support. As we point out all the time, people from all walks of life enjoy cannabis. It isn’t just one demographic or another.
Anyway, check out the entire video below.