Yet another negative audit on Colorado medical marijuana


While people tend to point to Colorado as a beacon of how regulated cannabis can work, it seems that hasn’t really been the case in the Centennial State. For those that are keeping score, this is the third negative audit on Colorado government handling of the state medical marijuana program. But this time, it’s not at the state level. It seems the city of Denver can’t manage the task of regulating medical marijuana dispensaries very well at all (but they do just fine with liquor).
The city auditor’s office released a report yesterday morning to Denver’s Independent Audit Committee outlining numerous problems with the city’s handling of the medical marijuana industry. “The audit found that the Department of Excise and Licenses does not have a basic control framework in place for effective governance of the City’s medical marijuana program,” says the first paragraph of the report’s highlights. Ouch. Denver Westword has the rest.