16-year-old charged as an adult in Bakersfield dispensary double homicide


Security footage from First Reliable dispensary.

Last month we reported on the slaying of two employees at a Bakersfield, California medical marijuana dispensary who were gunned down in a senseless act of violence during a robbery.
Yesterday, the 16-year-old girl charged as an accomplice in the murder of security guard Tony Sherman and dispensary employee Devin Daniels began her trial.

Miracle Jackson, who is being tried as an adult, plead not guilty yesterday to two counts of first-degree murder; second-degree robbery and one count of being in a gang – all felony charges. She was arrested in Las Vegas earlier this month 23 days after the shootings. Police are calling the shootings gang related and say the two robbed the store “for the benefit, in furtherance of, and in association with” a Bakersfield gang.
Cops also say they’ve pieced together what happened that day based on camera footage and interviews: Jackson and alleged gunman Aaron Patrick Burris made their way back to the bud bar like normal customers. That’s when Burris allegedly pulled out a gun.
Jackson then apparently ran out to their car to get rags and pillow cases and by the time she got back to the shop, police say Burris had shot Sherman and was ordering Daniels to empty the marijuana and money from the shelves and register.

Aaron Burris.

Jackson was able to get into the lobby but became locked out of the bud bar due to automatic security locks. She freaked out and apparently began wiping down everything she could with the rags to try and get rid of her prints. That’s when cops say Burris shot Daniels in cold blood after Daniels had handed over the cash and ganja.
In the time since, Jackson had reportedly run away from a group home where she was living after her mother gave her up because she was “out of control and her mother could no longer handle her,” an official told the courts.
Burris, who is also facing first-degree murder and second-degree robbery charges, pled not guilty earlier this month.