Kids break into Colorado dispensary, make off with thousands of dollars in herb


Good Meds bud bar.

According to Denver police, a pair of kids who look no more than 12-years-old broke into the Good Meds medical marijuana dispensary last month and made off with $16,000 in cannabis. The tiny burglars were apparently pretty good at their job, as nobody has any leads whatsoever.
Of course, it doesn’t help that police aren’t giving out pictures of the wee crooks. That’s because police are afraid of “violent drug dealers” getting the photos and tracking down the kids.

“Obviously we’re concerned here,” Denver Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson told Denver’s 9News. “We’re not sure what they’re going to do with it or who they’re going to contact. This is a situation where we want to find out where these kids are for their safety, as much as anything.”
Even if actual drug dealers were to find the kids, we don’t think it would take much convincing for them to take the pot off the kid’s hands. I’m sure they’d settle for an ounce and a couple hundred bucks.
So, according to Denver’s 9 News, people who run state-legal medical marijuana dispensaries are now violent drug dealers? Because that’s who we figure wants the cannabis back more than anyone else right now. But violent? If anything, the dispensary owners are morons for a) not having a good security system and b) not locking up their product at night as Colorado law requires.
A woman with the company told the news station that they had no comment other than to say they were working on the security system. We hope so.
Because the old one was child’s play. Literally.