New Hampshire grower busted thanks to YouTube cultivation videos


Kyle Berry’s mugshot.

Kyle Berry loved growing cannabis and felt that sharing his knowledge of cultivation with the world was his way of giving back to the cannabis community.
Sadly, the New Hampshire man’s generosity bit him in the ass after police detectives say they watched the videos and recognized his reflected face in a shiny surface and were able to spot his name address on a package – all of which led to his arrest and pleading guilty to manufacturing a controlled drug yesterday. Instead of making videos for the next year, he’ll unfortunately be spending his time behind jail walls.

Police say there were tipped off to the 35 videos – posted under the now-deleted username beginnergrowerKTB1 — in October of last year, specifically one that showed a pack of seeds that Berry had allegedly ordered over from the United Kingdom. In addition to that, Berry’s recognizable shaved-bald head and goatee can bee seen in the reflective tarp he had set up in his grow operation.
Berry’s face reflected from one of the videos.

After raiding his home, police say they found 16 plants and a pound of dried ganja at the house. Typically dick-ish, the police made fun of the guy even though he clearly had been outsmarting them for years prior to his brain-fart slip-up.
Package from the UK with Berry’s name and address.

“He’s not the brightest person in the world,” Rockingham County Sheriff Michael Downing told CBS Boston at the time of Berry’s arrest. “There’s indications that he was selling the product. This isn’t the first grow he’s had.”
(Editor’s note: Clearly there wasn’t enough evidence of that to stick a distribution charge on him, dicks)
For his part, Berry says he was only ever growing for personal use. He’s had 17 surgeries since the age of 13 and lives constantly in pain.
“I did it because since 13, I’ve had 17 surgeries,” he said in court. “I didn’t realize how bad the medication I was on was clouding my judgement and killing me.”
The judge, however, didn’t buy it though she did say that she didn’t see Berry as a huge drug runner either.
In addition to the year in jail, Berry faces a $500 fine.